3 Steps for a Beautiful Wedding Hair

Spring and summer are only a few months away. Once these last of the snowflakes melt away, you know there is another festive season waiting just around the corner – the wedding season! And one of the most important things that a bride focuses on right around the time of her wedding is her wedding hair. That is why a few weeks or probably several days before the wedding, if she has hired a hair stylist, they should already be discussing which beauty supplies for the hair to use and where to possibly buy some wholesale beauty supplies because let’s face it, she will need a whole lot not only for her but also for her wedding entourage. She will not only be needing beauty supplies for the hair, she would be needing ones for the skin too so maybe she should also consider putting in a budget for purchasing beauty products from a wholesale beauty supplier for her and her mates!

In this article, we would like to share three simple steps on how to get beautiful wedding hair on one of the most important days of your life.

Prepping your crowning glory for curls. This is the first step and this needs to be done once you have already cleansed or shampooed and conditioned you hair. If you are doing your own hair, you would be needing a working spray (I just won’t name brands but there’s a lot out there). Use the hair spray together with the iron to lock the curls in using a one to three scale on terms of hold, this will be a one, just a light control. Don’t make it a two or three or else the curls will become either sticky or stiff. Do this throughout all the iron work. When doing this step, you would need to section it off while hair is being pulled up. This applies if you want your wedding hair style to be half down and half up, a hairstyle that is not too formal but at the same time looks great and classy. An insider’s tip: when curling your hair, it is best to divide your hair into several small sections. This will acquire more curls that are true to size with the iron. Doing this will also make the curls last longer—all through the night, in fact.

Pinning your hair up. This is the second step and what you can do is just strategically place pins in areas where you like to see your hair up partially. Just do it using trial and error and see which areas you like to be pulled up the best. In order to make a lift right on the crown area, divide and backcomb.

Set and finish. This is the last step. Do this before putting on your veil. You can use a firm finish hairspray to get a nice and firm hold and lock your hair in shape. Using spray can make your hair look great and make it last all through the evening and even the wee hours during the after party.

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