6 Different Lengths in Necklace Jewellery

Jewelleries have different types of lengths for you to choose from. This will help you achieve the right length that you want for you necklace jewellery. The length of a certain jewellery may affect your style, so choose the length wisely and KashiJewellerscommunicate with the seller to achieve what you desire to have.

  1. Collar 16’ – this type of length in a jewellery is placed near the neck of the wearer. It may or may not touch the throat of the wearer and more likely starts at 14’ to 16’ length. It is known as a collar because it sticks to the user’s neck and provides unique fashion to the wearer. It can be in any form, design, style but in a same length where it is near to the throat of the wearer. It can also be used by men depending on the design of the specific collar jewellery.
  2. Matinee 24’ – matinee length jewellery can be near or touch your breast, it may be in the upper part, the lower part or in the middle of the wearer’s breast. It is usually in 24’ length and can be in any fashionable design. Matinee is a popular or most used length in jewelleries, it can be worn in different height conveniently.
  3. Choker 12’ – this is the shortest length of all jewelleries. It is called as choker jewellery because of how it is designed to stick to the throat of the wearer. It can be comfortable for the wearer or not. It depends upon the wearer, whether she loves to a wear choker or not because there is another option for that which is the collar length. It is a little bit longer than the choker by a few inches.
  4. Opera 30’ – this type of length may reach to the lower part or under the wearer’s breast. It has a length up to 30’inch and can be worn in different kinds of jewellery. But the person’s height is very essential when you want an opera length type of jewellery. Some short people may find it too long as a rope so as much as possible, know your height and make adjustments to the jewellery seller.
  5. Princess 18’-20’ – the princess length of a jewellery is more likely placed in the wearers upper breast. It is near to the heart can start up to 18’inch up to 20’inch depending on how you like it long. Some princess lengths have pendants in their necklace jewellery.
  6. Lariat or Rope 30’-45’ – the longest length in all jewelleries is the so called lariat or also called as the rope. It can start up to 30’inch and may reach up to 45’inch depending on how long you like it to be. People who love to use rope length in their necklace jewellery don’t use pendants because it is way too long for that and pendants like don’t exist.

There is no right and wrong in choosing the length for your necklace jewellery. It is up to you but choosing the right length may provide convenience for you or for another wearer.

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