Achieve Flawless Skin When You Visit Your Birmingham Skin Clinic

When you have skin that is as soft as a baby and is free from marks, scars, and any other traces of your life such as hairs that start to sprout you will feel a million dollars. If you thought that there is no way to achieve baby soft skin unless you are a baby then you are wrong; you can achieve just this when you visit your skin Birmingham specialists. From laser surgery to get rid of ugly scars to laser hair removal it is entirely possible to get skin that is as smooth as a baby.

Laser hair removal in Birmingham is becoming increasingly popular as well as affordable, and that more and more people are opting for laser removal as a way to get the skin they so want and deserve. When you have ugly hair sprouting from your chin or from your upper lip you simply won’t feel good about yourself and as often as you may try and pluck it out it will keep on growing back.

What you need is a method by which you can permanently remove the unwanted hair from your face as well as your body and this is available to you right here in Birmingham. Facial hair removal can bring back the smile on your face that you have been lacking and laser correction can get rid of other marks and blemishes that are really toning down your appearance.

Consult your skin specialists in Birmingham today to find out about all the possibilities that are open to you and how you can really get the skin you want in just minutes. A laser on your face will not be entirely free from pain but it will certainly be less painful than continuously trying to wax or pluck the hairs from your face. When you want hair removed permanently you need a solution that will last a life time. No woman likes to have facial hair, and trying to get rid with temporary solutions will actually work out to be costly over time. So go that extra mile when you opt for laser removal that will allow you to say goodbye to the hairs that you don’t want for good. Say goodbye to your moustache or your chin hair, or hairs that grow ugly down the sides of your face. Get in touch with your feminine side when you rid your face of hair for good.

5 Benefits of Being a Wedding Makeup Artist

Making a career out of being a wedding makeup artist is similar to being a painter yourself. You rake in fame and fortune once you have made a name for yourself. However, the road to this career path is one that is not taken by many because there are a lot of challenges. It may look easy but it is not. It may be easy if you have some genetic talent for it but since that is not possible, you have to start from the beginning and make your way up to enjoy these five benefits that a wedding makeup artist enjoys.

You have a choice to specialize in one aspect or become a jack of all trades. Makeup is such a big niche for beauty and there are several different specialties for makeup artists like wedding makeup artists kent. You can specialize and be known as the best wedding makeup artist in the area but that does not mean you cannot do makeup for any other event or occasion. If it is not wedding season, you can specialize and work on other makeup services such as theater makeup or even special effects. The world of makeup artists is divided into several different fields and it is still growing so you have a choice to specialize in one field or become a jack or “jill” of all trades and provide makeup services for all events.

You would not feel like you are working at all. Wedding makeup artists get to attend weddings and other festive occasions so it really does not feel as if you are working a full time job. Most makeup artists that I know of became makeup artists because they wanted this career and they were not forced into it by someone or something. It is in their blood and it is also their passion. How many people can say that about their jobs? It even feels, at times, that you are playing. Playing with different colors and makeup, I mean. They are usually people who love the challenge of how to make people beautiful, especially on their wedding day.

You make a financially lucrative career out of it. As a makeup artist, you will not have a nine to five job and you may have to start small but once your name is out there and you become the go to person for weddings, your finances will definitely be on the roll. You would not even need to purchase cheap makeup brands anymore (which can definitely help you gain more clients!). If you are good enough, talented enough and you work hard, money and finances will definitely not be an issue for you anymore.

You will never be alone. What I mean is, you will always be working and interacting with people and you will always get meet new friends if you wish to. This is an advantage for you in both your career and personal life. If you take care of your relationships with your clients they will help you rake in more clients.

3 Steps for a Beautiful Wedding Hair

Spring and summer are only a few months away. Once these last of the snowflakes melt away, you know there is another festive season waiting just around the corner – the wedding season! And one of the most important things that a bride focuses on right around the time of her wedding is her wedding hair. That is why a few weeks or probably several days before the wedding, if she has hired a hair stylist, they should already be discussing which beauty supplies for the hair to use and where to possibly buy some wholesale beauty supplies because let’s face it, she will need a whole lot not only for her but also for her wedding entourage. She will not only be needing beauty supplies for the hair, she would be needing ones for the skin too so maybe she should also consider putting in a budget for purchasing beauty products from a wholesale beauty supplier for her and her mates!

In this article, we would like to share three simple steps on how to get beautiful wedding hair on one of the most important days of your life.

Prepping your crowning glory for curls. This is the first step and this needs to be done once you have already cleansed or shampooed and conditioned you hair. If you are doing your own hair, you would be needing a working spray (I just won’t name brands but there’s a lot out there). Use the hair spray together with the iron to lock the curls in using a one to three scale on terms of hold, this will be a one, just a light control. Don’t make it a two or three or else the curls will become either sticky or stiff. Do this throughout all the iron work. When doing this step, you would need to section it off while hair is being pulled up. This applies if you want your wedding hair style to be half down and half up, a hairstyle that is not too formal but at the same time looks great and classy. An insider’s tip: when curling your hair, it is best to divide your hair into several small sections. This will acquire more curls that are true to size with the iron. Doing this will also make the curls last longer—all through the night, in fact.

Pinning your hair up. This is the second step and what you can do is just strategically place pins in areas where you like to see your hair up partially. Just do it using trial and error and see which areas you like to be pulled up the best. In order to make a lift right on the crown area, divide and backcomb.

Set and finish. This is the last step. Do this before putting on your veil. You can use a firm finish hairspray to get a nice and firm hold and lock your hair in shape. Using spray can make your hair look great and make it last all through the evening and even the wee hours during the after party.

Mastering Make Up Artistry

LPD-doing-make-upA career as a make up artist can be exhilarating and dynamic. It happens every day. There are no routines and you always have to expect the unexpected. A make up artist is not a thankless job. If you do a great job, the effect and the result can immediately be seen on your clients’ faces. This career is dynamic in a sense that you are not holed up in a cubicle or office. A make up artists gets to work in different fields if they want to – working freelance or working in film, theater, fashion or TV.

Before you start picking up and holding a sponge or a brush, there are several important skills that a make up artist needs to learn and master. They should not be impulsive. As a make up artist, you would need to observe and know your client’s skin. Especially the skin on the face and neck. Is his or her skin dry or oily? Is the skin tone fair, medium or dark? Are his or her pores visible, do they have a scar or a mark that they want covered? This is why, before doing anything, you need to know what your client wants. Maybe discuss the “theme” they want or how they want their make up done, what colors to choose and such. As a semi permanent makeup London, you also need to know about bone structure and how to enhance your client’s features and how to play with colors and shades. All of these can be learned in theory and through practice.

makeup-artist-ftrOnce you have sorted out what your client wants, it is now time to put your skills into action. You do not apply make up immediately. You need to prep the client’s skin and you need to do it thoroughly. Clean, tone and moisturize are the most basic of steps. Once this is done, you can now start with the make up proper – applying a primer or foundation, eye liner eye shadow, mascara, blush, lip liner and lip color. At times you have to go beyond the basics because you may be doing make up for an event like a fashion show or a theatrical production so you would have to work closely with whoever is in charge to make sure your clients will be satisfied with your work.

A make up artist is never going to be a full-fledged make up artist without his or her tools. You take them with you everywhere you go. You invest in make up from shadows to lipsticks and from sponges to brushes. And to keep yourself updated and relevant with the rest of the world, you may even need to invest in some high end gadgets and eccentric items such as airbrushes, false eyelashes, wigs and even prosthetic body parts.

To become a professional hair and makeup artists in London, you need to at least have a GED or a diploma from high school. It is an advantage if you have taken up college courses in cosmetology or make up artistry but if you want to become highly specialized, a license may be required in some fields.