How to Make Your Wedding a Fairytale

Girls at a very young age are already starting to dream of a fairytale wedding. This is because most of them are fond of watching fairytale movies and are curious of what is it to be like in this kind of set up. This could be one of the reasons why most ladies are in search of the ideal prince charming that they might end up with. Gents who possesses the qualities of tall, handsome, smart and brave is what they usually like. Now, this magical event might be happening to some, but not true to all. But whatsoever you may end up with, as long as both of you share the same feelings, then it is going to be magical.

The long wait will finally be over once you found the man of your dreams. When the both of you already learned how to share the same feelings and love each other unconditionally. Then it could be the right time to exchange vows. The wedding day is one of the most awaited events happening in a person’s life. This is a one time experience wherein you will be given the opportunity to bring your chosen one in front of God and exchange marriage vows wholeheartedly.

In this ceremony, the bride and the groom should be prepared and ready physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Both of them should be at their best looks because they are the star of the ceremony. And to make the ceremony a fairytale-like one, tiaras are usually included in the package. A tiara is one of the most exquisite factors that bring elegance and fashion to the bride. But it is not just for the sake of having it. You should know how to choose the right one that fits your face shape. There are different types of tiaras for you to choose from depending on your face shape, and to help you out in this dilemma, the following are tips on how to find the right tiara for you.

Regal type – this type of tiara is not ideal for brides who have a long shaped face. This is because a regal type tiara comes in a 3 to 4 centimeters high compared to an ordinary type of tiara. A regal type tiara is best for brides who have round faces.

Headband type – this type of tiara should be worn like an ordinary headband. It is best for those who are not tying up their hairs for it brings out a glow to the bride and is fancy to look at. This is best for brides who have a long shaped face.

Double band – A double band tiara is best for brides who have an oval shaped face. This creates an illusion to make your face less round and oval.

These tiaras are just an accessory to enhance the physical beauty of a bride. Wedding tiaras UK can give you more varieties of tiaras that can help you out in choosing the best style for you. No matter what you chose, the most important thing is that you will enjoy and be happy during this celebration. No matter what you may look, you will always look beautiful and stunning in the eyes of plenty and in the eyes of your soon to be husband.



What Could Be the Best Engagement Gift to Surprise Your Girlfriend?

Engagement is one of the steps that a guy should pass in order to proceed to the next step which is marriage. Guys only do proposals once they are already sure and committed that spending eternity with their girl is perfectly brilliant. One of the most common proposal gifts is a ring. Rings represent a lot of meaning especially when it is given from a guy to a girl in a relationship. It can mean deeply in love, you don’t want to lose them and you are the most important person in the whole wide world.

There are different kinds of rings for you to choose from. However, it is not necessary to be knowledgeable enough, as long as you know what you like and that suits your budget. But if you want to have an idea in choosing, you may want to follow the steps below just to make sure that you got the right one for the lucky girl.

Band type – A ring band is the plain ring that comes in three choices for you to choose from. These are Gold, Platinum and White Gold.  You should know which one is best for you to give. Choose the one that will perfectly fit the finger of your girlfriend. Gold is commonly given during proposals. It is a light yellowish to dark yellow type of ring that comes in a 10 karats or 14 karats gold. Platinum is a silver coloured ring that is made from naturally hard and durable materials while on the other hand, White Gold is made from silver coloured materials and metals that has a plating.

Ring size – Right ring size is the very important part that you should not forget. You should know the ring size of your girl for you not to waste effort and money in buying the wrong one. You can always utilize the method of guessing. By holding the hand of your girlfriend, you can already do an estimation of how big or small it is. You can also describe the built of your girlfriend to the sales lady for him or her to give you a hint of the right band size. But if you are not really sure, much better to purchase a large band ring size so that it will be much easier to resize it afterwards.

Choose the best gem – A vintage diamond ring or a diamond cluster ring? Diamonds are known to last forever. That is why it is these types of gems are commonly given during proposals. Both rings exhibit strength, durability and elegance that your fiancé will truly love.

Budgeting – Diamonds are a bit expensive. That is why it would be best for you to do canvassing and allow ample amount of time for you to save enough money intended for the proposal.

No matter what proposal gift you will give to your soon to be wife, as long as the love that both of you have for each other is genuine, then it is more rewarding than any precious stones in the world.



Art Deco Jewellery

When a man is ready to pop the question, most of the time it is the ring that matters the most. An engagement ring is an indication that a woman has agreed to marry the man whom she loves. In usual settings, the man kneels down, and proposes, and if the woman gives her big YES they are considered to be engaged. In only the woman wears the ring in some cultures. While in other traditions, both the man and the woman wear an identical ring. n Western Culture, the engagement ring is made out of gold or silver with a diamond or an expensive gem on top of it.

A lot of men have good taste when it comes to jewellery. You need to pair up the ring with the one who will wear it. So some men just give out an Art deco engagement ring instead

Art Deco became popular in the 1900s during the time were industrialization took place. This form of art is characterized by geometric lines and shapes since it looks more industrial. Designs became popular such as buildings and jewellery.

Art deco jewellery is inspired by the blend of different countries. This style is characterized by precise, geometric features with sharp colours. Upon seeing this kind of jewellery, you will automatically see the different geometric shapes. In one piece of jewellery is a combination of different shapes like circles, squares, ovals, and many more. When the shapes and colours are being combined they show how advancement and elegance were badly wanted in those years.

During the 1900s wearing jewellery defines your social status. Upper class women usually wear large gems in their jewelry and are considered to be fine jewellery. However, art deco jewellery is not only for the rich. A lot of designers made jewellery that were less expensive but were as beautiful as fine jewellery.

In case you want to buy pieces of jewellery with this design, then here are the tips on how art-deco jewellery looks like:

Necklaces. The main feature of art deco inspired necklace was its significant length. They tend to be longer than the usual and usually use beads or pearls. The colours of the necklaces should match with the skin of the owner and usually contrasts the outfit.

Earrings. Ear ornaments at this time were the dangling earrings and chandelier ones too. They are not very emphasized but they help emphasize your hairstyle. It is best if your hairstyle is bobbed up. They are usually monochromatic and have diamonds on them. Some of these earrings use natural large stones.

Rings.  The main feature of a ring in art deco is the size of the gem. In most cases art deco diamond rings are being worn and is combined with other smaller gems surrounding it.

Bracelets. During the 1900s it was then popular to wear many bracelets at the same time or some women would rather wear thick bangles or cuff-like ones. The thickness matters. The thicker your bracelet, the larger the gem you can see.

Other accessories. Watches are characterized by square or rectangular in shape and mostly made by diamonds. Cheaper watch straps were made of leather while expensive ones were made of a good metal. Hair accessories, pins, and brooches were also used during this time.

Always remember that in order to know that this piece of jewellery is art deco, think of symmetrical geometric shapes in different colourful gems and diamonds. This type of jewellery embodies elegance and industrialization. In choosing a good jewellery, you should know how much you are willing to pay, ask an expert, and lastly compare prices from other shops.