How To Find Online Jewellery Shops

Browsing through the net, I stumbled upon two different jewelry shops. One is James Allen and the other is Blue Niles. Looking at their website, I learned that both were created in the late 90’s. This is when the net was just being introduced to other parts of the world. This is according to James Allen reviews and Blue Niles reviews. They both customize jewelry for the client’s preference. It was perfect for me for I was looking for the perfect engagement ring for the woman I am head over heels for. My goal is to find something that physical stores cannot offer me.

There are a lot to consider when making decisions in choosing the right engagement ring. I have researched a lot of the details about engagement rings but it is still very different when you are already purchasing them. The two online stores help me a lot in facing this fear of not being able to decide which is which. On their website I was able to see the kinds of diamonds I can choose from. I was also able to see what kind of setting I would want.

There are different settings which are made of gold and platinum. Well, as they say that is the best two metals that I can choose from. I tried to look for the different designs I wanted for my girl. Both website suggested the two metals. It was just my decision how to put it in my budget. Thinking about it, platinum will last longer than the gold. As they say, diamonds are forever and the setting should also last as long. So I decided that I will go for the platinum.

There were customer representatives that are willing to help answer questions that are lingering on your mind. I was reluctant to ask questions to them because at the back of my mind I know they are just trying to sell me the most expensive ring they can find. But I was wrong, they asked for the budget I have and tried to help me pick the most beautiful engagement ring that my money can buy. We started with how much carat do I have in mind.

Then we discussed what cut or shape I am looking for. This is where I was not really confident. So I asked for their opinion. They asked me if my girl has tiny fingers, and when I answered yes, they suggested the oval or tear drop shape. Then we discussed what clarity I was looking for. I told them that I have researched the SI is one good choice. So we agreed with it.

Lastly was the color, I told them that the perfect white will be the best for me. So then I have to look for a design for the setting. I decided to take a unique design for the setting. James Allen and Blue Nile reviews really helped me in choosing the right engagement ring for my fiancée. I really appreciate the customer friendly approach of both websites.

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