Mastering Make Up Artistry

LPD-doing-make-upA career as a make up artist can be exhilarating and dynamic. It happens every day. There are no routines and you always have to expect the unexpected. A make up artist is not a thankless job. If you do a great job, the effect and the result can immediately be seen on your clients’ faces. This career is dynamic in a sense that you are not holed up in a cubicle or office. A make up artists gets to work in different fields if they want to – working freelance or working in film, theater, fashion or TV.

Before you start picking up and holding a sponge or a brush, there are several important skills that a make up artist needs to learn and master. They should not be impulsive. As a make up artist, you would need to observe and know your client’s skin. Especially the skin on the face and neck. Is his or her skin dry or oily? Is the skin tone fair, medium or dark? Are his or her pores visible, do they have a scar or a mark that they want covered? This is why, before doing anything, you need to know what your client wants. Maybe discuss the “theme” they want or how they want their make up done, what colors to choose and such. As a semi permanent makeup London, you also need to know about bone structure and how to enhance your client’s features and how to play with colors and shades. All of these can be learned in theory and through practice.

makeup-artist-ftrOnce you have sorted out what your client wants, it is now time to put your skills into action. You do not apply make up immediately. You need to prep the client’s skin and you need to do it thoroughly. Clean, tone and moisturize are the most basic of steps. Once this is done, you can now start with the make up proper – applying a primer or foundation, eye liner eye shadow, mascara, blush, lip liner and lip color. At times you have to go beyond the basics because you may be doing make up for an event like a fashion show or a theatrical production so you would have to work closely with whoever is in charge to make sure your clients will be satisfied with your work.

A make up artist is never going to be a full-fledged make up artist without his or her tools. You take them with you everywhere you go. You invest in make up from shadows to lipsticks and from sponges to brushes. And to keep yourself updated and relevant with the rest of the world, you may even need to invest in some high end gadgets and eccentric items such as airbrushes, false eyelashes, wigs and even prosthetic body parts.

To become a professional hair and makeup artists in London, you need to at least have a GED or a diploma from high school. It is an advantage if you have taken up college courses in cosmetology or make up artistry but if you want to become highly specialized, a license may be required in some fields.

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