Having A Youthful Appearance Is Every Woman’s Dream

For ages, people especially women have been obsessed in finding ways to stay as young as possible. In the market, there are a lot of beauty products that claims that they will make a person look younger and will remove free radical that makes the skin look old.

Botox is a procedure that is used to have the muscles on the face paralyzed and this will result to a youthful appearance. Botox is Botulinum in the science world. This is a spore forming bacteria that if eaten can cause paralysis and can cause death eventually if not treated properly. But in the cosmetic world, it is commonly used to make people look younger. Botulin is injected in different parts of the face to relax muscles and paralyze it so that no lines will show. A common place where the Botulin is injected is the space on the forehead at the top of the nose. This is usually the place where there are a lot of lines when someone frowns. There are a lot of lines here that can give an old appearance. Another common area is the eye cantus. This is the end of the eyes on both sides. A lot of lines are also formed here when someone laughs. Botulin is injected here to have the muscles here relax and paralyzed so that there will be no lines showing. Last but certainly not the least of places is the lines on the lips. They can also be injected on the cheeks to uplift the face. They can also put it on the lips to make it fuller. These are the common areas where Botulin is injected.

Botulin is a very potent bacterium. Placing it under the skin is a safe procedure that it does not need hospitalization but this is if it is injected correctly. This is why people should be aware that there are a lot of cases reported about the improper use of Botulin and resulted in not so good things. There were clients that had their faces deformed. Women had bumps on their faces after a few days of the procedure. There were people who needed to have major cosmetic surgery because their face were severely deformed and the only choice they have is to reconstruct their faces with surgery.

This is the reason why people should research and ask for referrals from friends and relatives on any doctors or licensed practitioner that can do the procedure. There are also some online and one can just type in the key words botox in Birmingham on the net. There will be a list of aesthetic clinics that one can come and seek medical attention to. Always remember that when it about one’s health everybody must always be careful and not take the risk. One can claim that it is not as serious as having a heart surgery but also take into account that anything that is invasive like injection can cause a lot of problems if not done properly.

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